Monday, 13 July 2009

Creation of a single frame

So, although this is essentially a sparse frame, what there is is quite technical.

This is the basic artwork:

The pub sign is in perspective, but is important and will appear again. So I decided to draw it as a separate piece:

And created the name of the pub in Illustrator (adding a slightly rough edge to give it a little more of a 'hand-drawn' quality. Yes, ok, I cheated.

The shadow that Marwood casts needed to also be a separate piece due to a cross-fade thing which happens on the previous page.

Bolt it all together in Photoshop and you get, if you're lucky, this:

The fun of working this way is that the final art is a surprise to even me. I do what I can to minimise any errors in the artwork (and anyway, any problems can be ironed out in Photoshop) but until it's put together I can't say for sure how well it'll work. I'm really pleased with the pub sign, for example and I wasn't sure I was gonna pull that off.

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  1. excellent stuff, Martin. I'll be keeping an eye on this.