Friday, 27 September 2013

Available now: The Absence #6 - FINAL ISSUE

All done.

This is it. This is the final issue of The Absence and it's available on Lulu now. £3.50 for 58 pages. Lulu have changed their publishing formats so it's perfect bound with a spine whereas the earlier issues were stapled. Not much I can do about it sadly - and actually I had to go back and rejig the earlier issues so any bought now will also have spines.

Can't quite believe it's all over.

(Well, over until Titan Comics release the graphic novel collection (which is available for preorder on Amazon) next March anyway…)

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Absence: Nominated for Best Comic at the BCA

Well, now here's a thing. Issue 5 of The Absence has only gone and got shortlisted for Best Comic at the British Comic Awards! 

I'm utterly blown away by the news and I'm so proud to be up there amongst so many great creators and books. It's a huge honour. And the fact Lenny bloody Henry (one of the final round of judges) will actually be reading my comic makes my head spin.

In other news, due to the publication of The Absence graphic novel by Titan next March, I've had to take the first three issues offline from Lulu. It's a shame, but I understand that it would damage sales of the collection. The last three issues will be available until Christmas when I'll also have to retire those.

(That said, I do have some spare copies of 1-3 kicking about so if anyone wants one, just drop me a line. But don't tell anyone else I told you that, right?)

Friday, 6 September 2013

"I'm just showing you the horizon"

After 5 years, the sixth and final issue of The Absence will be available soon.

Here's the teaser blurb from the back:

While the terrified villagers evacuate their doomed town, frantic work continues in the caverns deep beneath their feet in a last ditch attempt to save it. 

Marwood Clay, already mistrustful of the mysterious Dr. Temple, meets a man from Temple’s past who finally seems to validate and confirm Clay’s worst suspicions. But even as he learns the awful truth about his nemesis, little does he realise the full horrifying extent of Temple’s masterplan. A plan which, now his strange house is complete, Temple can finally reveal. 

As Clay and Temple’s intertwined history is revealed, events in the small coastal town race towards their catastrophic conclusion… 

Here's a picture of some dead rats.

Cover to come…