Sunday, 25 July 2010


So, Insomnia Publications is dead, as is my contract with them which is a shame but hey ho: at least it means I get to do The Absence as single issues, as was the original plan. If I can muster the enthusiasm/energy/time maybe I'll start going to some cons and doing this small press thing properly. Or maybe I'll shop The Absence round to other publishers. People seem to like it...


6 pages of issue #3 (as it will be known now - none of this 'chapter' bullshit anymore) is flashback. I've already established a style for the flashbacks, having had a couple of panels in issues #1 and #2. They look like this:

It's black and white art as with the rest of the comic (albeit with a slightly looser line), with a wash of grey over the top. Looks simple but it's a pain in the ass (although weirdly satisfying) to do. Here's the creation of a page I've been working on from #3. First, the line art:

Then I place a piece of tracing paper over the top and paint with black ink the areas I will eventually want grey. Again, I do it roughly and quickly. The flashback sequences are supposed to be fluid and loose (like a memory) - and I have to do it quickly because the tracing paper has a tendency to ruck up when it gets wet. It'll look like this (sorry about the photo - shitty iphone camera):

This is the overlay when separated from the art:

Once the two pieces are scanned in, I place the overlay on top of the art in photoshop and set the opacity to 30%. Can't post that till I get the art scanned but this, at least, is process. And it's a process I need to get used to: almost all of #4 will be a flashback...
And what's Marwood so terrified of? Well you'll have to wait and see...

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