Friday, 26 June 2009

The Back

Well, the front's unfinished, but here's the back of issue one...

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Making a page

Given my style is somewhat splattery I sometimes have to take the long way around the block to get a finished, tidy page of artwork. Take page nine, for example. It's the penultimate page of the prologue, and sees a poor chap falling to his doom down the side of a cliff.

First I thumbnailed the page in rough to establish the pace of the action. Then I painted the background 'cliff' with my usual messy approach of spray and random lines.

Then, with a little more detail and on a separate piece of card, I drew the various panels which will need to go on top. The images below also contain a few redrawn boulders for one of the panels.

And then, on a piece of layout paper, I drew the rain effect using a variety of media.

A bit of photoshopping the whole lot together and I get the final page:

I've done a few pages in this fashion and it goes some way to explaining why it's taking SO FUCKING LONG, I think. It also means there's very few drawn pages which are 'complete' as a single piece of art. I think all of them have required some replacement panels in photoshop to some extent,

Friday, 19 June 2009


The Absence now has a logo. Look, there it is as the top of the page. That's the version for the cover. There's also this version:

for interior pages.
The seagull is kind of a reoccurring motif for reasons which will become clear.