Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Detail of #3 cover

Slight change of style for the cover of issue #3. The eleven year old Thomas Birdwood plays a larger part so I wanted a children's book style illustration. It'll still go through an intensive Photoshop process, but this is the painting for for the central image.

It's much more controlled than my usual slap-dash approach, and so it came as a surprise when I realised I could actually still paint 'properly'...

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Survival Stories

As I've previously mentioned, Insomnia Publications (who I'd signed a contract with to publish The Absence) has filed to cease trading. This is unfortunate for two reasons: 1) it means they won't be publishing my damn book, and 2) it seems that because the owner hasn't specifically applied for bankruptcy and has apparently disappeared into thin air (owing many people money - although not me, thankfully) I, and 60 or so other creators, have our contracts currently stuck in 'limbo'.

Good times.

There's currently all manner of legal proceedings currently rumbling away to help us get the rights to our work back, however some of the creators had an anthology work in progress which, luckily, was outside of their contract from Insomnia. They've decided that the graphic novel, 'Survival Stories' will be used to raise funds for the CBA - the Comic Book Alliance - which is an organisation which fights for the rights of comic book creators and are helping with us the ongoing Insomnia problem.

They need to raise $3,600 to get the book printed. All the creators are working for free. You can read about the book, and pledge money (pledge over $15 and you get a copy of the book once it's printed), here: