Saturday, 3 December 2011

Issue #4 update

God, December?! It's been bloody ages since I posted on here. I started a graphic design business back in February (check us out at and life has been INSANE since then (which is great, obviously, but it's left precious little time to work on the comic).

That said, work does continue – I'm about 30 pages into #4 and it'll be about 45 pages in total so should be done early in the new year I reckon. Which'll make it over a year since #3. To those that give a crap I'm really sorry. Must do better.

Still, I'm pleased with how #4 is shaping up. It's a big issue with lots of 'answers' (and a few new questions, naturally...), lots of talking (I've just done a two page sequence that sees two people passing each other the time of day in a country lane), lots of flashbacks and lots of stuff which required some hefty military research. Military research? Wait and see.

Here's the cover.

I finished a first pass on this ages ago but wasn't 100% happy with it so I've been tinkering for a while. Done now though. \

Until, you know, I fiddle with it again.