Friday, 8 July 2011


Been pretty busy with life stuff recently hence the lack of updates, but have still managed to find time to do some work on The Absence #4. Nothing I really want to post up here yet – the pages I'm doing at the moment are quite spoilerific. In the meantime, I thought I might post this. Purely for my own indulgence really, so bear with me.

This, for those that might actually be interested, is my workspace:

1. This is a (now out of date) character list. It has descriptions of what each character looks like as well as their relationship to other people. I keep a similar (and more current) version as a Word file too.
2. These are the thumbnails for the five page sequence I'm drawing at the moment.
3. The current page I'm drawing. This one happens to be at the roughing out stage.
4. A page from issue one. The five page sequence is a flashback with Marwood talking to Father Jonathan (he who fell to his death in the prologue). I printed the page with the church interior so I could try and keep some kind of consistency.
5. This is the script for the sequence. It's covered in doodles. I write it like a film script, with little to no thought to how it'll flow as pages but then scribble all over it and make notes and rewrite as I do the thumbnails.
6. Hard to make out here, but this is a bulging A2 portfolio. It contains all the art so far done for The Absence. The zip broke a long time ago...
7. My tatty putty rubber. Not to self: must get a new one.
8. Pencils (2xHB, 2x2H for sketching), sharpeners, rulers. Without fail, I'll knock all this shit onto the floor with the arm of my chair everytime I get up or sit down.
9. The drawing board. Home-made by my dad who used to be a draughtsman. He built it himself so he could work from home and I've sort of inherited it. The strut on the back is made from plumbing. I love that! I ink differently - I loose the drawing board and just work on the table. I find that easier for some reason. I used to draw the same way but I started to get a bad back and dad kindly offered me use of his drawing board.

The lighting in my office is terrible so I have a lamp behind the drawing board for night time working. There's also a radio behind there too. And that's it. Check back soon when I might post something more interesting. But don't bet on it.