Monday, 27 January 2014

The Absence - The Graphic Novel

Well, with publication date fast approaching I thought I'd better check in. Been neglecting the blog a bit too much recently.

With the complete collection out in a month, I've had to remove the last 3 issues from sale on Lulu. That said, if anyone has been collecting the individual issues (for the last five years - well done for sticking with it…) and needs one to complete their collection, just drop me a line. I have a few copies kicking about at home.

Here's a photo at the graphic novel. And look! Fun can be had matching up your face with the cover.

I'm really rather pleased with how the book turned out. It's 272 pages long (including 8 pages or so of extra features at the back) and the matte paper stock has quite a weight to it. The production quality is lovely - my slap-dash black inky artwork has never looked so crisp!

You can buy it at this places. Just click a link:


I gather I'll be doing some signings and various bits of promo for the book as we near the release date, but more on that soon. And more on what I'll be doing next, too…