Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Absence #5 - AVAILABLE NOW

 There were a couple of minor quibbles in the first proofs I received so I've tided up those up and now the fifth issue of The Absence is available online from Here's a link:


It's £3.50 for 52 pages (50 pages of strip, plus another two page essay thingy I wrote about the origins of the story).

The Absence is a six issue miniseries, so only more issue to go! Script is written, thumbnails are done. Nearly there…

Friday, 3 May 2013

"How many people have you killed, Dr Temple?"

Huzzah! Issue 5 of The Absence is done, and at the printers! It's 52 pages long and took about 5 months which makes it the quickest issue (in terms of size to speed) EVAH! Which is just as well, since I now have to squeeze out the sixth and final issue before October… Thankfully the last issue will be a little shorter. I've been head down and working (both on The Absence, and, at, well, work) which explains the lack of blog udpates.

Where issue 4 examined Marwood's history, issue 5 takes a look at the past of the enigmatic Dr. Temple. Here's the blurb from the back:

Following the horrifying discovery of a massive chasm beneath his home and in an attempt to help save the village from certain collapse, Dr. Temple enlists the help of an old friend from his time in a military experimental science unit. 

But with Irvine Pink’s arrival also come memories of Temple’s tragic childhood and recruitment by the enigmatic and dangerous Taylor, a man whose motives are never quite what they seem and should never be trusted. 

Meanwhile, as the doctor and Pink race to discover the truth behind the missing villagers, Marwood’s suspicion of Temple continues to grow...

And here's the cover.

That's Taylor on the front there. He's already made a couple of appearances in The Absence (most notably in issue #2) and he gets a little more screen time in this issue. 

In other news, a story I drew and painted a couple of years ago has made it into this month's CLiNT magazine! Written by JP Rutter it's a short tale of haute cuisine, absolute desperation and crushing horror. A bit like the Great British Bake Off, then. Here's a photo, now go and buy it.