Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Issue #3

Well then. About two months later than I'd planned I'm finally putting the finishing touches to the mammoth 44 page issue #3! Hooray! It should be done and at the printers within the week. I'm also considering putting together a 112 page 'Volume One' trade paperback which would collect #1 - #3. We'll see about that...

In the meantime, here's the cover for #3!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Pin ups!

I recently left my full time job as a books art director to go freelance, and as a leaving pressie a couple of my friends at work drew some awesome Absence inspired pin-ups. I'll find a place to fit them in a future issue, but I wanted to get them up here as well.

By dino-artist and comic-editor extraordinaire Steve White.

By small-press comics guru Martin 'Spandex' Eden.

Thanks guys!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Eagle Awards

The 2010 Eagle Awards nominations have opened, and my comic The Absence is eligible for the Favourite British Black and White Comic award. So if you have a moment please pop along to and vote for it! At least one person has already voted (not me, I hasten to add!) and it now appears in the drop down menu which makes voting for it even easier!

While you’re passing, maybe you could also vote for ‘Jim Lee: ICON’ in the Favourite Comic-Related Book since I designed that in my secret identity as book designer at Titan Books!

The way it works, is that people nominate until the 7 March and the top five of each section which secure the most nominations will then be voted upon and the winner announced at the awards ceremony on the 27 May.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

New Scanner!

I have a whole host of changes coming up in my life. New job as a self-employed designer, new baby on the horizon, plus I've got to finish this comic, too. Holy crap.

One of the advantages of going freelance however is that I've bought a whole bunch of cool expensive Mac kit - including an A3 scanner. So now I can post stuff more regularly, rather than having to wait and scan stuff in batches at work. Huz-and indeed-zah.

I'm into the final few pages of #3. It's turned in at 44 pages (42 of comic strip, a 1 page featurette thing and an ad. I don't really like adverts as a rule, but the page count has gotta be a multiple of 4 to work so I had a page to fill.) This is one of the final pages. Marwood has drawn a crowd...