Wednesday, 2 February 2011

New Scanner!

I have a whole host of changes coming up in my life. New job as a self-employed designer, new baby on the horizon, plus I've got to finish this comic, too. Holy crap.

One of the advantages of going freelance however is that I've bought a whole bunch of cool expensive Mac kit - including an A3 scanner. So now I can post stuff more regularly, rather than having to wait and scan stuff in batches at work. Huz-and indeed-zah.

I'm into the final few pages of #3. It's turned in at 44 pages (42 of comic strip, a 1 page featurette thing and an ad. I don't really like adverts as a rule, but the page count has gotta be a multiple of 4 to work so I had a page to fill.) This is one of the final pages. Marwood has drawn a crowd...

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