Sunday, 2 March 2014

Links to reviews, and some general self-congratulatory stuff

(Apologies in advance: I'm putting all this stuff on here mainly so I have it all in one place but the upshot of that is that it looks a bit showy-offy. Um, not much I can do about that, sorry.)

With The Absence graphic novel out shortly (this week, in fact!) the reviews have started appearing. Here's a few links. In an attempt to be as unbiased as possible, I've also put the more negative reviews here too…

On the whole people seem to be very kind about it, which is great! I'm really pleased with the response so far. I've had a few people drop me a line on Twitter as well, which is incredibly nice of them.

Here's a review from Comic Heroes (it's available on the Apple Newsstand, so I can't link directly to it. You should all be buying it anyway…)

I've also written a really long (rambling, self-indulgent) 'director's commentary' over at The Forbidden Planet International blog. Those guys have been supporters of The Absence since the beginning and I'm hugely grateful to them. Here's a link to that.

And here's a Q&A I was asked to do (which included the curiously tough question, 'What was the most horrific thing that happened to you when you were working on this book?' Whatever happened to asking people the price of milk?):

Finally, here's a photo from the London Forbidden Planet store (which had The Absence on early release), showing it at #17 (!) in the graphic novel charts…

Jeez, slapping yourself on the back is harder than it looks! I'm off for a lie down. Next week I have a signing at Forbidden Planet on Wednesday (hey, you should come along!) and at least one more Q&A due for publication. Oh, and the small matter of the actual proper official publication of book itself…

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